Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Freedom Plan Challenge- Day I

Day One:

I have a friend that has pushed me to write, tell my story, and reach others through my writing for almost a year.  Every few months I get a text to see how things are going or what I have been writing.  We talk about what I am writing, and when I am going to start sharing my thoughts.  As I have being reflecting a great deal over the last few weeks, these "nudges" have increased. 

In the last couple of weeks, the pressure to share has definitely increased. I believe God can use our friends to push us in areas we may be hesitating, even when we know it is a leap we have needed to take for a long time.   The excuses, fears, and roadblocks I felt were that;  I am too tired, no-one wants to hear my thoughts, and I don't think I am disciplined enough to truly find my voice.

That is when this little "birdie" emailed me this Freedom Plan challenge, to push me to really see what is holding me back and what is it I really want.  

A 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge written by Natalie Sisson of the Suitcase Entrepreneur.

I don't know if writing is my next long-term step, but I have always had a need to encourage others to find their passion and purpose.

I am already way behind on this challenge (insert all excuses written above), but I am committed to walk this out.  Each day I will respond to some thought provoking questions.  I am truly open to your feedback, direction, and wisdom as you process through this journey with me.

Finding Your Focus

What am I called to be doing?  Well, I know that I long to help and encourage others, to share how God continues to work in my life.  It is what I feel I was truly born to do.  My challenge has been, that I didn't feel I had the experience, confidence, or discipline to truly find my voice to help others.

My first roadblock has been my lack of experience:
  •  I guess I assumed that I had to have met some "quota" of accomplishments or persevered through some horrific scenario, to have something of value to share. 
  • My experience with my SCAD event has shown me that if I wait for something,"big" to happen, I may run out of time and miss all the little things that had such a key impact on those around me.
My second roadblock has been a lack of confidence
  • I have always worried about the idea of, is what or how I share valuable to others?    The challenge for me is around my belief that I just haven't clearly know how God wants me to be reaching other that are hurting.  
  • I get distracted by my lack of organization and linear thinking.  I try to pack too many things into a timeframe I need to be focusing on writing.  I believe God is now asking me to tell my story.  I long to find ways to give a voice to those who can't find theirs, and that my words and perspective would be like a salve to those who have been hurt so many times.
  • I do believe, through my more recent experiences, that I have some clarity around my legacy.  I want my girls to see what is truly valuable in our journey.  That if we focus on sharing God's love with others, caring for the broken hearted, and serving those in need; they will find a soul satisfaction not found anywhere else.  That is a priceless legacy I would be honored to pass onto them. 
My third roadblock is a struggle around an Discipline:
  • I could give you numerous road blocks for me here, but there is one that has really stumped me.   I was diagnosed with Adult ADD about 6 years ago.  During this time, I have taken something to help me focus, process information, and respond effectively.  This was an answer to prayer and such a blessing to find for that place in my life.  
  • For a Cardiologist to say, with the flick of his wrist,  that "I must go off "was truly concerning.
  • To write you need focus, discipline, and an ability to organize your thoughts.  That is what the medicine had helped me do over these last 6 years.  I was puzzled at how I could feel the strong need to write, find my voice, and share my story. Yet, I was losing a tool that I had truly come to depend on.  
  • Like a lightbulb flashing above me, I smiled.  I would have to depend on God to find this organized and disciplined focus.  It was clear that what I feel as my "weakness" is the exact tool God could use for His glory.  (I Corinthians 12:9)

Please join me on this "Freedom Challenge". I truly am an open book that is in a constant edit stage.  Any thoughts, ideas, encouragement, or direction you have is helpful.  We are all a work in progress, and I am just grateful that He is not done with me yet!

 10 Day Freedom Challenge

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

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