Saturday, September 24, 2016

Freedom Plan Challenge- Day III

Creating a Vision for the Future

The challenge for me today was to visualize what "The Perfect Day" looks like for me.  It is a mental process of allowing yourself to see how positive something can be.  Help set goals for what you truly want in life.

I can tell you I have been blessed with many "perfect days" over the years.   It is hard to beat being on a tropical Island looking out at the beautiful blue waters, or seeing volcanoes, waterfalls, and Incredible sunsets off of rocky cliffs.  I have been blessed to see breathtaking views of God's beauty on more than one occasion. 

While any one of those were near perfect, I wanted to visualize the perfection of doing life day to day. Any vacation can be incredible, but I wanted to take the time to visualize the "perfect day" in my home with my family.

I wake up in my house that has been filled with fresh flowers. So many placed throughout the house that their fragrance can be sensed in any room.

The house is perfectly clean and put together.  Girls are playing well and creating something to show me later that day. 

I have the perfect cup of coffee on the screened porch on this cool
breezy morning.  My mind is still and focused, as I have time in the word. I spend quality time praying and learning from God's word before my day truly starts.  

The girls and I have a wonderful breakfast with Greg on the porch. Bogey is right with us being very calm and relaxed.  

We all take a few moments to recognize the value of each other and our life. 

The girls are dashing out to play with their sweet friends in the neighborhood, and Greg is off to play golf with a group of incredible men that support him and our family. 

I use that time to write.  My book is coming to an end and the publisher is thrilled with the progress.  

My blog is increasing in following and others are finding hope in the Lord on this journey with me.  By lunch we all walk to the neighborhood deli and enjoy the weather and each other.  

The girls are appreciative and grateful for all the blessings they have been given. Each seeking to identify ways to give to others in need.

We join some of our dearest friends on their boat for an afternoon boat ride. 

We grab dinner with my parents at Lafayette Village. A band is gently playing music, the kids are running around in the courtyard, and the weather is incredible. (Low 70's, no humidity) 

The night winds down with me having one on one time with the girls. Praying, talking, laughing and sharing our hearts with each other.

The perfect end to this day is spent next to my  husband. Watching something funny, discussing the day, encouraging each other for the future challenges we may face.  A time to relax and chat enjoy the gift God has given us in each other.  

This is a powerful process for each of us. I felt excited, open to possibilities.  My mind shifts to peace and quality time with my kids and husband.  I can't recreate a perfect day, but I can make perfect moments happen all of the time.

 Take some time to layout what your day would look like if you wrote your own "Perfect Day" summary.  Tell me about it. What does it include, how does it feel, who is with you...etc.  Post how you felt below when you complete it. 

 This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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